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Donn Garrett is not only an amazing musician but one of the kindest and most personable people in the music business. He is highly respected and always a pleasure to work with.  

Jules Follett
Author Photographer
Sticks n Skins Drumming Book 

"I am so impressed with your dedication and musicianship"! keep the passion 
burning!" Dom Famularo

Donn Garrett's enthusiasm for drums is contagious.  
He's become a regular fixture around London Bridge Studio.
We always have a blast working with him in the studio on his music.  
Donn has been a huge supporter of London Bridge and we very much appreciate his talents. 
He's a solid drummer and a solid dude.     Jonathan Plum (London Bridge Studio

I met Donn Garrett in 2001 and since that time we have collaborated in various music projects. Donn Garrett is one of the best drummers and amazing musicians I have ever worked with. Along with being a kind and caring person, he is highly respected in the musical community. Donn is very easy to work with and has been an incredibly creative and innovative music writing partner 

Dennis Jackson   Internationally Acclaimed Psychic Medium and aspiring musician. 

"Donn has an intuition for knowing where the pocket is, and exactly how to occupy it. His drum tones are clean, and have a nice balance. He does a great job with tuning; making the kit breathe, and it helps to make the drums feel more like a singular instrument."

Justin Davis 
Sound Engineer Independent ProducerType